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So you’re out on South Beach Miami. Your having fun in the sun, sunbathing on the beach, and drinking Pina Coladas, and taking a dip in the ocean. You have just the best day ever, that is until you reach into your beach bag and you don’t feel your car keys. OH NO! What do you do now?……CNUSA Locksmith Company is there for you when you need us the most. We are available to our customers who are in the need of car key replacement.

It’s amazing how often you be in a situation that you need a replacement car key. Some may think you need to go to the dealership for a replacement key, however, this isn’t true. In many cases, a CNUSA Locksmith Company Pembroke Pines is a much better choice than the dealership

Car Key Locksmith

Locksmith or dealership?

Here’s how a locksmith and a car dealership compare:


You will pay much less for replacement car keys when you go to an car key locksmith than if you go to the car dealership. Dealerships are known for their high prices. Some dealerships in the area charge up to $500 an hour to replace a car key. CNUSA Locksmith Company Pembroke Pines is the better choice for car key replacement.


CNUSA Locksmith in Pembroke Pines conveniently comes to you;. When you visit a dealership and wait around for service for hours. CNUSA Locksmith is always a better choice


Most people’s worry that the mobile car key locksmith will not have the technology necessary to program a key to their car.  The truth is that our locksmiths have the equipment to replace the keys for just about every make and model of car. They also have the equipment needed to repair or replace door locks and ignition switches.


The days of metal keys are over. Car keys are made encoded to protect the security of the car. Some keys have chips in them that are programmed, and some keys are fobs with computers inside to start the car or unlock the doors. CNUSA Locksmith Company , also have the equipment to program any car key. They can duplicate keys with chips and program transponders and fobs. Anything you get from a dealership you can typically get from a mobile auto locksmith.

The best choice for replacing your car keys will be based on the things that are most important to you. You may choose the dealership, or you may appreciate the price savings and convenience that CNUSA Locksmith Company can offer you!

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